Saturday, September 12, 2009

Introducing my "children"

The dark curly haired one is Joshua, my oldest biological son. The blond son is Jonathan. The dark straight haired one is Jorge, son only in our hearts and minds. And the only girl is Faith.

I love this picture. There is that saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this picture says a lot. Josh is handsome and serious. He can't smile because he still has braces on. Jonathan is my silly one. Jorge is also handsome and always has this wonderful smile. Faith cracks me up. I've got pictures going back to her toddler years where her expression almost always is "putting up" with her brother's antics.

These are my other "heart adopted" sons. There are all Josh's friends. They practically live at our house. Aren't they all handsome too?

One of the reasons I started a second blog was to be able to tell everyone all the wonderful and funny stories about each of my "children." I can't wait to get started now that I've introduced them.


  1. What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing these photos. I have three boys and a girl too. We both have busy houses :)

  2. What great pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Sometimes I wish I would of had one more but now that mine is 13 I can't imagine starting over now with a baby.