Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday High Five

Thanks to Angela, it's Friday High Five. Come join the fun and check out the rules. Then see other blogging High Fives.

Angela's Adventures

Five Things I Learned On Jury Duty

  1. Twelve strangers can sit in a small room for a week and find something to talk about other than the trial, which they aren't allowed to talk about.
  2. I'm supposed to have my septic tank cleaned every two years...let's see, the last time mine was cleaned was....never. Now I'm afraid to do it...or not to do it.
  3. Cleaning air ducts should be done every five years...let's see, the last time mine were cleaned was...never. But I did have them cleaned a month after jury duty.
  4. A "not for profit" organization CAN make a profit. Hum? How does that work again?
  5. Homeschooling parents, public school teachers and private school teachers can all sit in the same room for a week and actually have an intelligent and unemotional conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of ways to educate children.


  1. I always wanted to finally get selected for the jury. Some day!

    There are all kinds of not-for-profits that make a profit. In most cases it just means they have to donate the profit to another not-for-profit or retain it internally. But it sure seems weird!

  2. i keep getting called for jury duty and it keeps getting cancelled. I know it would suck to be chosen, but, secretly, i want to be!

  3. I've never been called for jury duty but always thought with the right case it could be fun. My sister who recently had jury duty insists I am wrong. You did learn a lot!