Friday, October 23, 2009

Bad Hair Day x 21

Okay this has to take the cake! I'm entering a "Bad Hair Day Contest" over at Manic Mother. Surely these two poor souls have to win. They brought home lice from school. They have such long and fine hair (and blond) that it was very hard to get the lice out. I had to literally pick them out strand by stand AFTER two hours of mayo and this bag on their hair. It took about four days before the school nurse declared them eligible to return to school. But I checked and pulled everyday for about three weeks. We NEVER want to have these kinds of bad hair days.


  1. Poor kids, lice sucks.

    I must say with all the lice in my kids schools, they never brought any home.
    Somebody told me to put few drops of Tea Tree Oil into your regular shampoo or use special Tee Tree Oil shampoo once a week for the prevention. It seems to work.

  2. Oh no, that is a bad hair day for sure!!

  3. Oh, those poor little things... that really is a bad hair day!!
    I've never heard of mayonaise working on lice, I thought you could only use the stuff at the drug stores... they work really well. We all got them once as a kid, it was really bad. Luckily, my kids never got them.
    Glad it all worked out ok, and that you didn't have to cut off all their hair.

  4. Haha! So funny!!! I remember doing this to condition my hair. :) Happy Thanksgiving. :)